About Us

A note from TOR Water

TOR Water was established in February 2016 in anticipation of the non-household water market deregulation.

Since deregulation in April 2017, businesses across the UK can now choose their water supplier.

Here at TOR Water, we have been researching the market and developing ideas to build a dynamic business that offers a refreshing approach to commercial retail water.

The TOR Water team consolidates well over 40 years of experience in every aspect of the water industry, and we are confident that we can provide a better service and a better price than any of our competitors.

This is our opportunity to build a business that means something more than just being another utility provider. To help us achieve this, we will be donating a significant part of our profits to local charitable causes and environmentally positive organisations that will help to build towards a sustainable and ethically sound future.

Our ambition is to be the preferred retail supplier in the South West within 2 years and hold the lion's share of the market in 5 years.

To start with, we are working with businesses in the South West; that's Devon, Cornwall, and some parts of Somerset & Dorset. Small or large, if you are a business and have a water supply, come and talk to us.

We are an equal opportunities employer proud to be based at Exeter's Science Park and at the heart of a rapidly growing, vibrant, and innovative city that is setting the mark for business excellence in the South West.

Our Goals

Our aim is to:

  • Provide you with clean, safe water and take away your waste water cheaper than our competitors, so saving you money.
  • Help you save water.
  • Invoice you with an accurate and easy to understand bill online so it's easy to manage.
  • Respond to you within 2 working days when you have a query.
  • Support regional charities with our time. And money, when we make a profit.

Why switch to TOR Water?

We absolutely, genuinely, want to make a difference and support businesses in the South West by saving them money and time.

Our ethos is simple, we work with wholesale operators to deliver a better price to the customer.

What makes us worth considering?

We're a local business looking to help other local businessess.

We don't have large, expensive, impersonal call centres or thousands of shareholders to keep happy.

We're a small company with low overheads, passing the savings on to you.

We're very nice people 😊